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Press Release: Bayside Corporation Announces Appointment of Edward Lewis as Interim CEO

Updated: Feb 8

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL., Feb 6, 2024 – Bayside Corporation (OTC: BYSD) is excited to announce Edward Lewis as its new Interim Chief Executive Officer. This significant appointment is a strategic move to bolster Bayside Corporation's presence in the digital landscape, aligning with our commitment to integrate cutting-edge digital technologies and enhance shareholder value.

Edward Lewis comes to Bayside Corporation with a rich, 25-year background in business and technology leadership. His impressive tenure includes pivotal roles in the industry such as CNT, McData, Brocade (acquired by Broadcom for $5.5 billion), and Virtana, where as Sr. Director of Customer Success, he spearheaded technological innovations and service offerings. These initiatives were instrumental in generating over $200 million in product conversions through new customer acquisition, contributing to Virtana's successful $73 million funding round in 2022. Edward's diverse expertise covers key areas like business development, project management, client engagement, and driving revenue growth – all essential for leading Bayside Corporation toward a prosperous future.

“I am excited to navigate Bayside through these waters of transformative growth and pioneering innovation. By harnessing our core strengths, I aim to propel us into the forefront of digital innovation, where our solutions redefine industry standards and elevate both shareholder value and customer experience. With a commitment to integrity and ingenuity at the heart of my approach, I believe this moment presents a pivotal opportunity for Bayside to capitalize on my expertise and strategic vision,” stated Edward Lewis.

With Edward at the helm, Bayside Corporation is set to fortify its market standing by leveraging its distinctive digital solutions. The company focuses  on seizing new opportunities in the rapidly-evolving digital domain. Edward's leadership marks a new chapter in our journey, underlining our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in the digital era.

About Bayside Corporation:

Bayside Corp. is an American corporation that trades publicly under the symbol “BYSD”. Focused on Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing, the company specializes in investing in innovative businesses and products within these sectors, aiming to harness Big Data and digital advancements to create new opportunities and build shareholder value. Bayside Corp is committed to excellence, investing in calculated strategic initiatives, and enhancing shareholder value in the evolving digital ecosystem.

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